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The USDA has begun catching geese across Denver parks and shipping them to be processed as food

DENVER — For years, Denver Parks and Recreation has had a goose management program in place that involved hazing and relocation. Now, with the help of the US Department of Agriculture, they are trying a new approach.

Parks and Rec officials say the easiest way to lower the geese population is by capturing and processing them as food for families in need, or for charitable organizations.

The USDA has begun catching geese across Denver parks and shipping them to be processed as food

Executive Director of Denver Parks and Recreation, Scott Gilmore, says the USDA is in charge of all the steps.

“They are actually collecting geese in specific parks and they are taking them to a processor where they are processed and they are donating them to needy families.”

It’s something many cities across the country have already been doing for years.

Parks and rec says this plan will help them address the population problem directly.

The USDA began collecting birds about two weeks ago and will continue to do so throughout specific Denver parks.

What is still unclear is where around Denver the meat will go after it is processed.

This article was first published by thedenverchannel.com on 28 June 2019.

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