Saint Patrick’s Day: 30 Cats Who Have The Luck Of The Irish

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March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day! For most of us, it’s a day to put on our green attire, grab our lucky shamrocks, and have fun with friends. Humans aren’t the only ones going green for the holiday, though. Some of our kitties are getting into the St. Paddy’s spirit, too!

However, before you put your kitty in a leprechaun costume, remember to dress your pets responsibly! Not all kitties like to wear clothing and costumes. If your cat doesn’t enjoy it, don’t do it! But lots of cats don’t mind putting on a hat or a tie, and if you’re a lucky owner of one of these cats, celebrate like the kitties below!

Here are 30 cats who have the luck of the Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!

1. The Luckiest Kitty

2.  My Favorite Holiday

3. I’m Irish This Much

4. I’ll Be Irish Today, For You

5. I’ll Wear The Tie, But That’s It

6. You May Pet Me

7. How Did I Let Myself Get Talked Into This Again?

8. Thanks For Including Me In Your Holidays!

9. Don’t Ask How I Got The Beads

10. Whatever You Say

11. Proud, Irish Cat

12. I Know I’m Adorable

13. Get Your Pic, Then The Hat Is Coming Off

14. Happy St. Cattrick’s Day!

15. YAWN!

16. What Day Is It Again?

17. Why Am I Wearing This?

18. Can I Take This Off Yet?

19. My Lucky Hat

20. Do You Like My Bow Tie?

21. My Lucky Scarf

22. Might Be A Bit Big

23. I Just Want To Nap

24. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

25. Can I Go Back To Sleep?

26. Have A Green Day!

27. What Am I Looking For Again?

28. You Are Lucky, Cause You Get Me!

29. Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

30. Where Does This Go Again?

Have a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

What does your cat think of this holiday? Do they think it’s silly? Are they gonna pass on the St. Paddy’s Day gear? If your cat likes to dress up, please share pics in the comments below!

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