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POLL: Should the salmon-farming industry be allowed to slaughter seals?

Seals are supposed to be protected under UK law, but salmon farmers can get a special licence that makes it legal for them to shoot and kill these marine animals, who are just trying to feed themselves and their families in order to survive.

The shooting continues throughout the animals’ breeding season, which takes place over the next few months – meaning that some pups will lose their mothers at just a few days old and most likely die of starvation or succumb to attacks by predators.

The salmon raised on Britain’s fish farms often endure intense confinement, filthy conditions, and infection by diseases and parasites, such as sea lice.

More than 800 seals have been culled in the last seven years – Photo by Getty Images

Kept in underwater cages, they never have the chance to swim freely or act on their natural instincts, such as their powerful urge to migrate upstream each year.

And because fish aren’t covered by the Animal Welfare Act, there are no regulations to ensure they’re killed humanely.

Even though these animals have complex nervous systems and can feel pain, they’re usually slaughtered without any regard for their welfare. This cycle of violence means that countless animals suffer at the hands of the fishing industry.

This article was first published by peta.org.uk on 05 Sep 2018.

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