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Male Citrine Wagtail – Jubail

Whilst birding at Jubail 11 January I found a single male Citrine Wagtail. The species is a regular though local winter visitor to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia that was not seen until 1975.

The species has become more common in the region recently (last ten years) and are almost always found near water and favour feeding on wet roadside puddles or the edges of flooded sabkha. They are not the easiest species to photograph as they are quite nervous and flighty and rarely stay still for long.

March appears to be the best month when passage occurs through the region although birds are seen throughout the winter months.

Citrine Wagtail

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Jem Babbington

Jem Babbington

Jem Babbington is a keen birder and amateur photographer located in Dhahran, Eastern Saudi Arabia where he goes birding every day. Jem was born in England and is a serious local patch and local area birder who has been birding for almost forty years and has birded in more than fifty countries. Jem is learning to ring birds in Bahrain as a perfect way to learn more about the birds of the area. Saudi Arabia is a very much under-watched and under-recorded country.

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