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WINTER IS COMING!! Don’t underestimate Flea and Worm Infestations

Winter is coming!! A phrase that is very much popular amongst the GAME OF THRONES fans is also a much talked about topic amongst cat parents. Most of the cat parents become relaxed because in winters fleas and worms don’t trouble much. But according to a recent study conducted it is found that in winters there are chances of heavy flea and worm infestations on the indoor cats. Shocked? Yes, it is true because in winters your house is a warm place so the fleas find warmer places in your houses and hide there. That’s the reason you might find more fleas in your house in winters which can result in an increased chance of flea and Tapeworm infestation. Tapeworm infestation can occur if the fleas are ingested by your kitty while grooming themselves. Roundworms can be introduced into your house by rodents that look for a warmer place to hide in winters. Cats are predators by nature; they will hunt the mice even if they are not hungry. This can lead to the ingestion of roundworm larvae into your kitty’s body.

Hence, it is very crucial and important to not have a laid-back attitude during winters regarding fleas and worm infestations.

Having knowledge of things to do in winter to secure your kitten from these parasites can be very helpful because this knowledge can save yours and your kitty’s Christmas celebration form getting spoiled.

Here is the list of how to secure your cat


People tend to lose the grip on their furry kitty’s anti parasitic treatments, thinking that it is a winter season. Please don’t do that because this can lead to re-emergence of fleas and worms which means that all the efforts and money that you have invested in preventing these irritating parasites has gone in vain.

Keep the monthly cycles of treatments running. Flea treatments like Frontline plus and advantage and De-wormers like Popantel, Panacur, and Mediworm Tablets which are available on can be used to get the total protection from fleas and worms.

2. Clean the Warmer Places in the House

While you are preparing for Christmas just add one more thing on the task list which is –“keeping your house flea free in winters as well”

Clean the places which are warmer like beddings, carpets, sofa covers, and sofa corners. Keep these places clean. This small step will help your cat stay away from flea and tapeworm infestations.

3. Keep the rodents and other worm larvae host out of the house

As said earlier Rodents bring in worm larvae which can then be ingested by your cat. So, make sure that your find these larvae hosts before your cats find them.

Paying attention to what your cat does and eats during this winter season will help you in two ways

  • To prevent the disease and infestations
  • To find out the symptoms of any infestation that has caught your kitty in an earlier stage.

This Christmas lets welcome good health and prosperity.

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