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Impressive Ideas To Stop Fleas And Ticks Biting Your Pet

Ideas To Stop Fleas And Ticks Biting Your Pet

It’s not really easy to remove fleas and ticks from your four-legged pal. You may have to get close up, as these pests are not only blood-suckers, but if they are left untreated they can cause severe diseases in your pet. So, what can you do to solve this issue? Here are a few ideas to consider to keep your pet’s free from fleas and ticks.

Ways To Stop Fleas From Biting Your Dog

Be Anti-Social:

Pets get hold of fleas very easily from other dogs and cats. You need to make sure that your furry pal socialize only with other pets who are free from parasites.

Clean The Environment:

Remember, cleaning is an important step to keep away the pests, so cleaner you can keep your pet’s environment, the less likely he/she will get hold of fleas. If your pet has got fleas, it is sure that there many more parasites around your home. To keep the fleas and ticks at bay, you need to vacuum the entire house and yard on regular basis. Make sure you steam clean you house in the spring and fall. Wash all your bedding’s and your pet’s bedding in hot water. Swab the floors frequently. By cleaning the environment around you and your pet will keep away the nasty pests.

Safe Areas:

Make sure you take your dog for a walk in open areas. Don’t take your dog in long grass or wooden areas, as this is the place where ticks like to stay and may easily hitch a ride on your pet. If possible keep your cat indoors to reduce the risk of fleas and ticks.

Give Bath:

Bathing with flea and tick shampoo is also a way to eliminate pests. But make sure not to give bath to your furry pal on regular basis, as it may make strip the animal’s skin of its natural oils, which sets up a dryer and a good environment for pests. Limit baths to once every month unless the animal already is infested, then try 1 to 2 times a week for 2 to 3 weeks. When bathing, clean the areas properly such as between the toes, around the ears, as that’s where insects, particularly ticks, like to hide. Brush regularly between baths.


There are many preventatives, which have come up in the market to eliminate the fleas and ticks from your beloved pet’s. Some of them are topical treatments such as Frontline Plus, Advantage etc. There are products in chewables and flavored tablets such as Capstar, Program Flavor Tab etc. If you don’t want the topical treatments or chewables for your pet, there is another option that is flea and tick collar. There are collars specially designed to eliminate and keep away the flea and tick such as Kiltix, Adams Plus, Seresto etc.

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