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How Do Flea Treatments Work?

Fleas and ticks are the worst enemies of dogs that all pet owners know. They constantly work to kill and control these pesky parasites from harming their pets. Mostly pet parents use different types of flea medications to prevent fleas and ticks on dogs and cats.

Whether you opt for flea and tick topical treatment, oral form or spray form, all these medications work perfectly to eradicate fleas on dogs and cats.

These different forms of medications work differently but all of them effectively remove fleas. They contain different set of ingredients in different proportion. The way of application of each treatment is also different. The topical solution has to be administered on the top of the body and while treating with oral medications, you need to either induce it directly into the mouth or crush and mix it with food. Sprays are easy to put while keeping pet eyes and mouth covered.

Read on the blog to find out more about how these different forms of flea medications work.


How Flea and tick spot on treatments work?

Most of us as pet owners know that every month; we mark the calendar after taking out that pipette for flea and tick treatment. We repeat the same way of application to treat our pets for fleas and ticks. Some of the common brands of topical treatments are Frontline, Advantage and Biospot.

Among all Frontline Plus spot-on for dogs is highly effective on killing adult fleas. Some medications contain components that inhibit the larva to evolve from flea egg and some are active against larval development.

How Flea Powders and Sprays work?

Sprays and powders work for short time. They treat and protect pets from fleas for just 2-3 days and with some products, ticks and mites too. Recently, flea sprays and powder are not highly used due to newer spot-on treatments.

Some sprays and powders work only on fleas; some others provide additional flea protection by inhibiting flea egg and larval development.

How Flea and Tick Oral Tablets work

Next to spot-on treatments, flea and tick oral tablets are quite popular. Some of the common tablets are Program, Comfortis and Capstar. Oral flea treatment for dogs is highly effective and removes fleas completely preventing flea infestations. They actively stop larva from emerging out of flea egg.

The most common active ingredients found in oral medications are:

  • Lufenuron, found in Program Tablets
  • Spinosad, found in Comfortis Tablets
  • Nitenpyram, found in Capstar Tablet

While Lufenuron prevents future infestations by inhibiting eggs and larvae growth, Spinosad works effectively to kill fleas and prevents future flea life cycles. For oral treatment, pet owners do not have to fuss about applying solution on the pet.

How Do Flea Collars Work?

This is a unique way of controlling fleas on dogs. It is mostly used as a preventive measure rather than a curing option. Most of the flea and tick collars are better options for dogs, who are not suffering from flea infestation. They are not useful in killing fleas or curing the infestation. Furthermore, the advent of topical treatments has largely reduced the demand of flea collars.

However, the recent advancements in collar designs have made them more effective than old models. The new collars last 8-month and treat as well as prevent infestations.

The basic functions of flea and tick collars are

  • To repel pests and
  • To kill fleas and ticks on contact before they bite.

Some collars just prevent fleas while the others do the both, kill fleas and even control them.

How Do Flea Shampoos Work?

A flea shampoo is the best option for pets having a large number of fleas visible on its body. Flea shampoo does not have a lasting control but on bathing a pet with this shampoo, it removes fleas temporarily. It just lasts for a day or less than that.

Well, these are some of the flea treatments useful in removing and treating fleas and ticks. Some are very effective while the others are for temporary use only. According to the severity of infestation or preference for your pet, you can select the treatment that best suits.

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