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4 Best Selling Products Of This Month:

PetCareSupplies has been a trusted name for selling authentic brands of pet supplies at affordable prices for a long time now. The discounted prices, regular additional offers, genuine products and free shipping, even in the most remote parts of America, have made it a popular and a trusted online store. The company sells treatments for dogs as well as cats that include flea and tick treatments, wormers, wound repair and joint care products.

Best selling Pet Care Supplies products

Like every other company, PetCareSupplies keep a track on products that the pet parents buy the most. Knowing the most opted pet supply helps the company to understand the priorities of customers. Further, it lets the fresh customers know about the strengths of the company on which they could totally rely.

In this month, due to the high temperature and inflation in humidity, flea and tick treatments have been the most opted products. All four products that are in the list of top selling, falls in to the category of Flea and tick treatments. If you are a newbie on PCS, these are the treatments that you should go for!

Let’s check the top 4 products that pet owners chose the most, this month!     

  1. Frontline Plus: Manufactured by Merial, Frontline Plus tops the list of the best selling products of PetCareSupplies. This is one of the oldest flea and tick treatments and has been the most sought one by the pet owners. It is a topical flea control that destroys fleas as well as ticks within 48 hours of application.
  1. Advantage: The second best selling treatment at PetCareSupplies is Advantage, a product from Bayer. This spot-on is chosen for its effective abilities of killing fleas and chewing lice. Pet owners living in flea prone areas opt for Advantage. It also aids in treating tapeworm in dogs and Flea allergy dermatitis in both, canines and felines.
  1. K9 Advantix: Specially formulated for dogs, K9 Advantix is not recommended for cats. This treatment is the third best selling product of PCS. It has gained the trust of pet parents with its multi-parasitic killing property. This Bayer pesticide treats fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, chewing lice and biting insects. The most unique thing about K9 Advantix that could make it to the top is that it not only kills insects, but also repels them.
  1. Capstar: Capstar, a unique formulation from Novartis, is available for canines and felines. This is the only oral treatment that has made to the list of top selling products of Pet Care Supplies. It is the fastest killing treatment that targets only adult fleas and kills almost 99% of them within 5-7 hours of its application. It is a savior for emergency situations like abrupt flea infestations on special days. It has to be followed by a long-term treatment to avoid the re-infestation of fleas.

So, these were the most picked up treatments from the rack of PetCareSupplies. If you have experienced shopping with PCS, this may be the right time to visit our site and pick any of these popular brands. Branded treatments at extremely affordable prices are the reason for our popularity and customer’s reliability. Join the family of PCS and avail great offers!

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