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Can I Use A Seresto Dog Collar On A Cat?

Flea and tick collars are quite popular amongst pet owners for being so convenient and a mess-free solution. Though you can see miscellaneous options in the market, Seresto collar is one of the most popular choices amongst pet owners these days due to its efficacy and amazing fit.  The collar is designed with sustained-release technology that diffuses the chemicals and distributes them evenly on the entire body, unlike other collars whose effect remains restricted to just the neck region. Besides, the material of the collar is made up of the high-quality matrix that doesn’t irritate the skin at all.

Many customers ask if the Seresto Collar for Dogs Can Be Used on Cats.

Well, the answer is no. You must not use the collar meant for dogs on cats because the chemicals in the collar vary for the two species. Seresto collar contains two active ingredients – imidacloprid and flumethrin of which the concentration of flumethrin in dogs is comparatively higher to that in cats, hence the disapproval.

Apart from that, the belt also varies for dogs and cats. A dog collar has a wider and longer belt which doesn’t suit the small neck of cats. It may cause discomfort, irritation and may not even work at all. It is hence advised to buy two separate collars for cats and dogs.

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Side Effects of Interchangeably Using Seresto Collar for Dogs on Cats

  • May not fit properly to the neck so won’t give the 8 months lasting efficacy.
  • May cause irritation, itching and even diarrhea in cats.
  • If chewed mistakenly, the collar can cause complications in cats.

Benefits of Using Seresto Collar for Cats

  • Eliminates existing fleas and ticks within 24 hours and repels them effectively.
  • Works for complete 8 months when worn continuously.
  • The collar is non-greasy and odorless so you don’t have to worry about the foul smell while holding him or introducing him to others.
  • It is waterproof which makes it wearable under water.
  • Safety release mechanism of the collar prevents the cat from getting strangulated.
  • It has safety reflectors which allow people to see the cat even in the dark.
  • You do not have to remember about the monthly administration.

Seresto has earned a rapport in the market because of its thousands of satisfied customers that have used and experienced the benefits of this product. Besides, it can be easily tied along the other collar so you don’t need to remove the previous collar. Isn’t that great? Fleas and ticks can be nasty and a nuisance for us. So, when we already have a sword to wield and kill them, why not use it in advance. But, do remember to buy the right product as you already know the consequences of using an incorrect collar on your cat by now.

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