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Which Treatment is better? Frontline Plus vs Advantage

Parasites find our furry pals the most attractive host and suck their blood to continue the lifecycle. For them its a party, however, for the animal and the host, it is just a nuisance. Parasites bring a gamut of diseases along with them which can severely deteriorate the health of our pets. Thus, it is important that we as owners choose the best treatment for our furry friend to get rid of these pesky parasites as soon as possible. You might be knowing about the two most sought-after treatments like Frontline Plus and Advantage. But, we are certain that it must be hard for you to choose the best amongst both according to the requirements of your dog or cat. Well, if that is the case, read on to know the answer.

Frontline Plus vs Advantage – Difference and Comparison

Frontline Plus

A product of Merial, Frontline Plus is a highly effective treatment for killing and preventing fleas. It kills almost 99-100% fleas within a day of its administration and is capable enough to eradicate all life stages of the fleas, be it eggs, larvae or adult fleas. Besides that, the product also treats brown dog ticks, paralysis ticks and removes chewing lice successfully. It also cures flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) which is extremely irritating to pets as it causes extreme itching which leads dogs to scratch and bite their fur crazily.

There are two main ingredients in Frontline Plus that actually do the job. Fipronil – it collects in the hair follicles of the skin and as and when a flea sucks blood from a dog, it, in turn, takes the deposited fipronil along. This fipronil attacks the central nervous system of the parasite and the critter dies of hyperactivity. Another active ingredient, S- methoprene is an insect growth regulator and is thus highly potent in killing the immature life stages of the parasites.

Well, frontline plus is a waterproof formula so it won’t wash off easily even if the pet is in the pool. Moreover, you can use it in puppies as young as 8 weeks of age. Apart from that, the formula is monthly so a single dose is enough to provide protection for complete one month.

Frontline Plus comes in four packages –

  • Orange – for small dogs up to 22 lbs of weight
  • Blue – for medium-sized dogs up to 23-44 lbs weight
  • Purple – for large dogs of 45-88 lbs weight
  • Red – for extra-large dogs with 89-132 lbs weight


Advantage is a Bayer product that treats fleas and flea larvae within 12 hours of timeframe. Advantage is also known to be super effective in killing lice and cures Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) as well. However, there is no known effect on ticks.

Imidacloprid in the product kills adult fleas and lice by attacking the central nervous system of the parasite and a single administration gives 30 days of protection. The formula is waterproof just like Frontline plus thus a dog can wear the product in water.

Advantage also comes in four packages –

  • Green – small dogs 1-10lbs
  • Aqua – medium dogs 11-20lbs
  • Red – large dogs 21-55 lbs
  • Blue – extra large dogs 55 lbs

Well, now that we know about these two flea treatments, here is a summary of the major differences and similarities between the two of them.

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Comapre to Frontline plus Vs Advantage

Conclusion – Which One To Choose?

The answer lies in the requirement of your dog. Frontline Plus and advantage, both the products are extremely effective, have comparable prices and treat fleas, however, if the dog is suffering from tick infestation as well other than fleas, then Frontline Plus would be the better choice. However, if the dog only has fleas and no ticks at all, Advantage must be the best bet for him.

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