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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Researching and analysing a lot of flea and tick collars, a community of animal product analysts have suggested that Seresto flea and tick collar is the only collar that offers a long-term protection. The uniqueness of this collar is – it works as long as 8 months.

When it comes to buying collars to control external parasites, usually pet parents become quite disoriented unable to figure out to choose the right product. In response to their recurring queries, our product analysts have worked out the best solutions.

Bringing here the Frequently Asked Questions regarding seresto, we have tried to clear the common doubts that normally pet owners have. After going through the questionnaire, if you still find that your query has been missed or not answered, please share it in the comment box. Our experts will try to answer your query.

FAQs about Seresto Flea and Tick Collars

What is seresto?

Seresto is a complete tick and flea collar treatment for dogs and cats.

Why I should use seresto for my dog?

Seresto is an effective tick collar. It does not irritate skin and easy to apply to dogs. Moreover, it provides long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks for up to 32 weeks.

What is so unique about seresto?

The exceptional feature about seresto is that it lasts for 8 months. It works against fleas and ticks for full 8 months, when used properly as directed.

Many flea and tick collars are available on the market. Why should I choose seresto?

Seresto is developed with unique technology that enables to release the active ingredients in controlled manner for a longer period of time. These low doses spread across the body to fully protect your dog or cat without causing any skin allergies. The single application lasts for up to 8 months. Therefore, it is a perfect collar to choose among the various flea and tick collars.

I have a cat. Is it available for a cat?

YES! Seresto comes for both dogs and cats. Seresto for cats is specially designed for cats and seresto for dogs is developed for dogs.

My dog is quite fussy. Will it be easier to tie it around my dog’s neck?

Yes, serest collar is quite flexible and can be easily put around your dog’s neck. As the collar is non-irritating, your dog will not be fussy about wearing it.

What are the active ingredients? And how do they work?

Two active ingredients –

  • imidacloprid
  • flumethrin.

The first ingredient – Imidacloprid works against adult fleas. It kills fleas, flea larvae, and lice. The other ingredient – Flumethrin acts on ticks. It repels and kills ticks, larvae, and nymphs. Both ingredients together provide a significant effect on parasites and control flea and tick infestations.

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How long does it take for serest Collar to kill ticks?

Seresto tick collar takes approximately 48 hrs to kill ticks. Additionally, re-infesting ticks are repelled and/or killed in 6 hours.

When it will start working on fleas?

Seresto starts killing fleas within a few hours and eliminates 99.9% of fleas within 24 hours of its application.

Does seresto collar have an expiration date, if not opened?
Seresto flea collar is highly effective in treating fleas and ticks when applied on your pet. It does not expire as long as it has remained in its original container and stored in the conditions as directed. However, once the collar is opened and placed on your pet, it lasts up to 8 months according to the manufacturer.

Is seresto safe for me as my dog lay on my shoulder or on my lap?

Yes! Seresto is not only safe for dogs and cats but also for humans as long as you do not have any sensitivity health issues.

Along with seresto, can I use any other topical flea and tick treatment?

If you are using seresto tick collar for your dog or cat, we would not recommend you to use any other flea and tick treatment. For more information regarding this, you can talk to your veterinarian.

How do I remove that kinky smell from a seresto collar without damaging it?

It is good to consult your vet or call manufacturer regarding the smell.

Can I deworm my dog, if seresto is applied to my dog?

Yes, deworming your dog will not affect or disturb the effectiveness of seresto. Moreover, it is safe to deworm your dog while your dog has seresto on it. However, in exceptional cases, if your dog has sensitive issues, it is better to talk to your vet.

Do I need to remove seresto when my dog is exposed to water like swimming or bathing?

Seresto is water-resistant. You don’t need to remove the collar when you give your dog a bath or if they get wet by swimming or in rain. As the collar is made with innovative polymer matrix formulation, the active ingredients are shielded against unwanted release and washing off.

What if my small dog gets trapped while wearing a seresto collar?

Seresto is completely safe for your dog in case they are trapped because it is uniquely designed with safety release mechanism. In an event of your dog being trapped, your dog’s strength is enough to break through the collar to allow a quick release.

Can I use seresto alongside with normal collar?

Yes, you can use seresto flea and tick collar along side with a normal collar without damaging it or harming your dog/cat.

How do I store seresto collar?
As per the manufacturer’s guidelines, store it in an original unopened tin in a cool, dry place that is inaccessible to children.

How to apply seresto collar on dogs?

courtesy : The Advantage Family

How to apply seresto collar on cats?

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Is seresto safe for puppies and kittens?

Seresto for dogs is safe to use for puppies above 10 weeks of age. And, seresto for cats is safe to use for kittens above 10 weeks of age.

Where can I get Seresto cheap online?

At Pet Care Supplies – a leading online pet store, you can buy Seresto for dogs and seresto for cats at the cheapest prices online. Here you can shop and save extra.

Unable to find your query or question, please share it in the comment box below. We would be happy to help you.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

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