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Friendly Oriental Honey Buzzard in Tadoba

On this safari into Tadoba Tiger Reserve’s core zone, we reached the territory of the Tigress, popularly known as Choti Tara, in anticipation of another display by her cubs.

While we patiently waited for the cubs to show up, a Oriental Honey Buzzard flew in and perched on a dead tree not far from us and well within the reach of my 600mm f4 lens.

Friendly Oriental Honey Buzzard in Tadoba

It kept flying by everyone now and then and finally perched on the ground at a safe distance from the jeeps, before flying off into the Tadoba wilderness. While the cubs didn’t show up, Matkasur made a brief appearance for a record shot.

We then headed off in search of other game and caught this Sloth bear hurriedly crossing the road, as we exited the park. We spotted this beautiful Oriental Darter perched on the banks of the famous Tadoba lake.

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Thomas Suresh Anand

Thomas Suresh Anand

Wildlife in India, experience in pictures – Walk the Wilderness – A blog on wildlife in India where we share our experiences in the various national parks through wildlife photos

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