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Can I Treat My Dog with Flea and Tick Topical Treatment if He is Wounded?

Topical treatments for fleas generally come in the form of powders, shampoos, spot-on and sprays. All of them are formulated to kill fleas and ticks; however, each of them has a different level of efficacy. Where powders work for up to a week, shampoos work just for a day. On the other hand, spot-on have a long-lasting effect i.e. for complete one month. All of these products are beneficial in treating and repelling fleas and ticks with varying degrees of protection. But their application and usage must be correct to get the desired results.

When we talk about spot-on, they are definitely very effective. You don’t have to think twice about their results if applied correctly. However, it is extremely important that you follow the direction of usage. If the pack insert says – it should be applied to the shoulder blades of the dog, then the treatment should be nowhere else but the shoulder blades. Some pet owners have a number of queries regarding the application of the topical product viz. can they apply the solution after the dog had bathed or if it’s fine if they apply beforehand. Another common query is whether a dog can be treated with flea and tick topical treatment if he is wounded? Well, the answer is – it depends. If the treatment is waterproof, you can definitely apply the solution anytime that suits you, however, it is advised to use the treatment after 24-48 hours succeeding the bathing session.

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This increases the chances of the solution to get easily absorbed by the skin as the pores are open so the treatment stays longer. Secondly, when we talk about the application of the topical if the dog is wounded, you need to check if the injury is on the shoulder blade or somewhere else. A wound on any other place except the shoulder blade won’t create any problem even if you apply the flea and tick treatment to your dog. Since the product is applied to the shoulder blades beneath the fur, onto the skin, it will be completely fine to use the treatment. However, if the wound is on the place of the application of the product, you must prohibit using any topical to that area. It may get into the system and create a problem if the wound is open, so better be cautious.

Topical products are a great way to eliminate flea and tick issues in pets but at the end of the day, they are chemicals. So, we definitely need to know their correct application and scenarios when they need to be strictly avoided or used meticulously.

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